Jewelry as Decor

Jewelry as Decor

Display Jewelry as Decor

I have earrings that I virtually never wear. In some cases the earrings are too heavy. In some cases I am tired of them. Others are simply not styles I currently wear. For a long time I kept these earrings in jewelry boxes. Recently I decided to see if they would work for decor to brighten up a room rather than simply gathering dust in the jewelry box. My desk has a rack for hanging several attachments (a cup holder, a CD holder, etc). The bars of it work perfectly for hanging french wire earrings. I also decided to hang some necklaces that are also worn rarely.

Tips for Jewelry Decor

Jewelry as Decor

Obviously jewelry does not belong in little mouths. If you have young children or pets make sure that they can not get to the jewelry and put it in their mouths (or simply lose it). Much of the jewelry I chose is relatively cheap. If you use more expensive jewelry for display I would recommend putting it away before going on any trips.

Jewelry Decor

I decided to add these thistle earrings to the red bows I have tied to the posts on my mirror.

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