Upcycling a Notebook

Upcycling a Notebook

Upcycling a Notebook: My First Attempt

Over the years I have been the recipient of many notebooks. I liked the inside of this one. It is thick. It can lie flat. I like the line spacing. I was not as fond of the blue plastic cover. I previously covered the cover with washi tape. Most of my washi tapes did not work because they are partly transparent and the blue looked horrible under it. Thus, I primarily used the Smash brand black and white dot tape. I also used silver washi tape from a Martha Stewart brand tape package and a strip of Michael’s crafters tape. In order to make sure that the washi tape held I used a glue stick on the ends of each strip of washi tape. Still it needed more extensive upcycling.


  • Notebook
  • Washi Tape
  • Glue stick
  • Mod Podge
  • Nail Polish (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Origami paper
  • Duct Tape

More Upcycling

The washi tape helped, but the side along the spine still showed blue and the notebook stayed in my drawer. I have a bunch of nail polishes I use for crafts and touch-ups including a nice silver one that went with the black and white themed cover. So I painted the edge of the front cover near the spine. Rather than stress over making it perfect I decided it was best to be willing to be sloppy and then simply peel off the first row of tape when the nail polish dried.

Upcycling a Notebook

Below you can see a close-up on the spine. I did two coats. This is after the first one.

Upcycling a Notebook

The picture below shows the tape next to the spine having been replaced.

DIY Notebook Upcycle

I decided that I not only wanted the blue gone from the front cover, but also from the inside of the cover. I used some plain thick white paper. I traced the outline of the cover on the paper and cut it out. Then I added Mod Podge to the inside cover. I smoothed it down more to even it out after I took the picture. I apologize for the harsh lighting in the photo.

Upcycling a Notebook

Once the inside cover was dry I decided to start decorating the inside cover. I decided to be practical and used ruler washi tape.

Upcycling a Notebook
Upcycling a Notebook

For the back of the notebook I used three strips of denim patterned duct tape. I used strips of denim style Trendy Tape to cover the seams between the three strips of duct tape. The seams were not too noticeable so the cover-up was not needed for that reason, but I thought it looked too plain with just the denim duct tape.

I decided the cover needed more color so I used some origami paper from Daiso. I used two of the smaller sized sheets.

Upcycling a Notebook

I previously painted several washers with black nail polish, a coat of crackle polish, and Dimensional Magic Mod Podge. The tutorial goes into it in more detail.

Upcycling a Notebook

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2 thoughts on “Upcycling a Notebook

  1. I love this project….It’s truly inspired me to upcycle some of the notebooks lying around my home! Thanks for joining in at this week’s Project Stash!

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