Tips for Link Parties


Tips for Link Parties

Link Back to the Link Party

 link party

For many link parties this is a requirement. It is also a way of paying back the site that hosts the link party. (Obviously the “linkpartyurl” would be changed to the actual URL for the link party.)

Post as Soon as Possible

Projects posted on the first row of a link party have an advantage over those on line thirty-four. Many link parties go live each week at the same time or nearly the same time. If you notice you are getting a lot of traffic from a specific link party keep track of when it goes live so if it fits your schedule you can be one of the early posters.

Use Good Quality Photos

clear and bright

It is hard enough to make your projects stand out when people are skimming past dozens if not hundreds of projects. The picture you chose is the first thing that will catch their attention. Good contrast and vibrant colors are a good way to attract attention.

Choose Link Parties that Fit Your Post

Find link parties that fit the content of your post. Savvy Southern Style’s Party is good if your post relates to vintage or interior decorating. Chic and Crafty at Frugal Girls is a great link party for thrifty or more techie posts. I always post to some parties and others I vary depending on the content of the post.

Comment and Acknowledge Other Participants


Comment, pin, follow, Tweet, or otherwise acknowledge other participants. Link parties do not work if everyone posts their project and leaves. For hobby bloggers acknowledgement is the only thank you they get for all the help they provide others. Take the time to let other participants know that you like their work. Plus you can find great ideas.

Evaluate Using a Stats Counter

If you use a stats counter you can see which link parties are driving the most traffic. It may not be the biggest and best known link party.

Consider What makes You Click on Links


Make note of what compels you to click on a link when you skim the link party. While you do not represent everyone keep that in mind when titling posts and choosing which people to use for the link party.

Follow the Link Party Rules

Link parties usually include the rules at the top of the link party. Common rules are to link back, visit other sites, and not post shops or other link parties.

Spread Out Your Participation

If you do not post daily it is often better to spread out the link parties when you post. Rather than posting to six link parties on Tuesday and none on Wednesday post to three on Tuesday, two on Wednesday, and one on Thursday. That way people who are too busy to skim link parties on a given day will see it another day.

Do Not Link to the Same Post Every Week


Do not continue to repost the same project week after week.

Start the Day Before

Link parties often start in the evening (North American time zones) the day before the listed day.

Notes and Links

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17 thoughts on “Tips for Link Parties

  1. thanks for the tips, I do appreciate every blogger out there and it is so nice of you to remind us how important it is to comment and support each other …Happy Thanksgiving,

  2. Your idea about seeing which linky parties draw the most traffic to your site is a good one. For a while I was getting so caught up in linky parties that I would spend too much of my free time on them. It started to cause burn-out as I got behind on my housework and real job, which I do part-time from home, so I started analyzing the data and deciding which ones I could skip on my busy days. Do you do a spreadsheet? I started that, and it also helped me with managing time.

    1. It really can get overwhelming to try to post to a lot of link parties.
      Each week I look at my site stats and see which link parties drew the most traffic. I have a Pages document with tables and notes where I list the stats. Some of the variation depends on the post topic and how high up I am on the link list, but I have noticed some definite trends.

  3. You are wonderful!! This is such a USEFUL post! I don’t think I have ever come across a post about Tips for Link Parties! Thanks so much for including me :)

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!

    1. I am glad that you found the tips helpful. Most link parties start the day before although Frugal Girls Chic and Crafty starts theirs on Thursday afternoon. DIY Dreamer often starts on Tuesday afternoon. The most common time seems to be from 5-8 PST.

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