Finding Washi Tape

Washi Tape by Many Names

One of the challenges of washi tape is that it often is not called washi tape. Variations include “printed tape”, “paper tape”, or “decorative tape”.

I posted an updated (July 2013) version .
Finding Washi Tape

Target and

Target has Up & Up brand “Printed paper tape”. Unfortunately, not all Target stores have all color options and does not appear to have the tape. My local Target also had Smash brand tape including a nice one with white on black dots.

Michael’s and

At least some Michael’s stores have Recollections Crafting Tape. has Smash brand paper tape.

Amazon’s stock varies depending on what sellers have in stock. Names vary, but “washi tape”, “paper tape”, and “printed tape” will all give you results. Some tape is listed as eligible for free shipping and some is not.

Barnes & Noble and has 7 Gypsies brand paper tape ($7.95) and “Decorative Paper Tape” (price $15.95), and Martha Stewart brand paper tape ($4.99 for four rolls). The marketplace does not have free shipping.

Joann’s Fabric & Craft Stores and has Gypsies paper tape and Martha Stewart paper tape. My local one does not appear to have any washi tape equivalent and none of the sales people I talked to are familiar with paper tape, printed tape, etc. has Martha Stewart Brand tape (marketplace)

I have not personally used Cute Tape, but I have seen positive reviews elsewhere and looking over their site they appear to have a large collection of designs. Shipping costs look reasonable.

Find It on Etsy

Etsy is a great place to check for washi tape. One of the Etsy stores I have heard most recommended is Pretty Tape.

Making Your Own

A number of people have come up with DIY washi tape suggestions. DIY washi tape has the advantage of being cheaper and allowing for more variety, but most adhensive substitutes do not have the same qualities as washi tape.

Links to DIY Washi Tape

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The tape pictured above is from Target.

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5 thoughts on “Finding Washi Tape

  1. Thank you thank you for this post! I have been wondering about washi tape at my local retailers like Target, Michaels and JoAnn’s. I’m headed to JoAnn’s tomorrow, so I’m going to look out for some!

  2. I love the Michael’s tape…not so impressed with the stuff from Target. There’s a reason why it’s all called different names…it’s made of different stuff. I actually buy my tape from and have never had a problem…they are on etsy too.

    1. While the Target tape may not be as good as some of the really nice washi tapes it is more than sufficient for some people’s needs and substantially cheaper. I’ve seen a number of “washi tape suggestions” that include things like kids parties or picnics where you may not want to spend $3-$5 a roll.

      The Michael’s tape appears to be pretty popular.

  3. Rainbow Tape, an inexpensive masking tape widely marketed for use in schools, comes in many colors, both matte and metallic. Even better, it comes in very narrow widths, making it excellent for centering on wider tape, or for making borders.

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