50+ Sites for Free Stock Photos: 2015

50+ Sites with Free Stock Photos: 2015

Photography Matters

Good quality photos are important for blogging and web design. Eye-catching bright and clear photos attract visitors and give your posts and projects a professional look. Stock photographs are a great way to reinforce your message.

The list below includes over 50 sites which offer free stock photographs. Public domain photos can be used without restriction. Some sites offer their pictures for free, but have restrictions (attribution, non-commercial use, etc) so please check the site’s terms before using the photos for your blog or other project.

Sites for Free Stock Photographs

  • 4 Free Photos Public Domain Photos
  • Big Photo This is a good site for free photographs for personal and educational use.
  • British Library on Flickr
  • Buringwell.org Public Domain Image Source

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  • Blogging Tips For Sanity

    Blogging Tips for Sanity

    Is Your Blog Overwhelming You?

    Running a blog can easily become overwhelming. Many bloggers not only post to their blog, but also publicize it, design the layout, pitch to companies, and interact with other bloggers and readers. The amount of time spent running the blog can easily increase exponentially until it becomes unhealthy and interferes with the rest of life. These tips are focused on keeping a blog running smoothly without becoming overwhelmed.

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    Flowers in Frames

    Flower Crafts with Frames

    Dried Flower Ideas for Small Frames

    One of the local charity stores has a section for arts and crafts supplies and photo related merchandise. These small frames were one dollar for a set of eight. I am working on decorating a wall and the frames are perfect for using between larger decorations. The backs of the frame are designed to either stand-up or be hung from a wall.

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    Unique Places to Visit in the LA Area

    Unique Places to Visit in the Los Angeles Area

    Beyond Hollywood

    For many people the Los Angeles area is associated with the entertainment industry, beaches, Disneyland, and tourist havens. In reality that is only a fraction of the places to visit on a vacation. Having spent quite a bit of time in the Los Angeles area over the years I wanted to highlight some of the less known places to visit. The Page Museum (La Brea Tar Pits) is an excellent place for family fun. The Pasadena Flea Market is the perfect place for finding interesting materials for craft and DIY projects.

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